Thank you from your winner – Jake!

Hey guys, hope everyone had a bit of fun and learnt a few bits and bobs from myself and my fellow scientists. I was blown away that I was the chosen winner in the Water Zone. So thank you so much.

I would just like to take the time to thank all of the students who took their time to come and ask us loads of interesting questions, from ‘Is it possible Global warming could affect your method of power generation? ’, and ‘how does the moon move water?’ to ‘Do you like cheese’! I loved answering all of them, not only the ones related to my field but all of them! It’s always interesting to hear the perspective of others. So, thank you students for this opportunity of learning new things!

I would like to thank the whole I’m a Scientist team, all of the moderators and everyone behind the scenes. Next I would like to thank everyone in my lab in the Centre for Ocean Energy Research in Maynooth university and my funders, MaREI, without them I wouldn’t have had this opportunity.

I’m delighted to now have the extra money to buy the supplies to spread the word of wave energy. Finally, I want to thank all the teachers who signed up their classes for the chats and to encourage them to ask the questions. I cannot wait for the next project. Bon voyage for now!!!


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