• Question: How high is global warming on your list of concerns?

    Asked by Odhran Finn to Philip, Maxime, Jake, Ann, Annette, Amy Heather on 19 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Ann Reen

      Ann Reen answered on 19 Nov 2019:

      It is very high up on my list as global warming will have an impact on everyone, for example if sea levels rise land could be lost which could impact on farmers or the general public who have houses by the sea. An Increase in temperatures could result in an increase in desertification – which is the spread of deserts, this could impact on food supplies as agricultural lands are lost…this would impact on mankind.

    • Photo: Amy Heather Fitzpatrick

      Amy Heather Fitzpatrick answered on 20 Nov 2019:

      Hello Odhran. Climate breakdown/crisis/global warming/cooling is very high on my list of my concerns. I see how my daily life and my work life, generate waste, use lots of electricity and are in general not helping reduce, reuse and recycle. I try not to buy things I don’t need and buy a lot of things secondhand. I also try to reduce the amount of plastic I use in the lab and consider if I can optimise lab protocols to reduce waste of reagents. What do you do in your school and at home to reduce your environmental impact?